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1. You are required to contact our section staff through phone, after 10 days of registration.
You are required to pay a visit to the office, at least once in a month, and select proposals of your choice after referring to the available records.
If you have selected a profile, we would inform them about it, and if they are interested, we will give you their contact details. Provisions are also made for you to contact them directly.
When you visit our office, you are required to produce the Register No. and the letter (if any) which has been send from the office.
5 You are requested to give the progress of a profile given from the office within 15 days.
6 When you write a letter, it is mandatory to mention your Register No. and complete address for communication.
If any proposal through this organization is fixed, you are required to pay the full service charges, which are already agreed upon, and get the receipt from the office, the day before the engagement. The pre-agreed service charges will not be reduced. In case, if you are not able to pay the service charges the day before the engagement, you are supposed to pay the service charges to the collection staff who comes to your place on the day of the engagement with a receipt. In this case, you are required to pay a minimum of Rs.100/- as collection bate.
The addresses which are given to you as a part of mutual trust should not be misused for contacting the parties directly, and not informing the office about it. Remember, Marriage is a sacred ceremony and its purity should not be defiled. In case of any malpractice or cheating, the organization has the right to publish your name and details, and also take legal actions against you.
Registration fee is not refundable, as it is used for the smooth functioning of the office, and in providing you with the facility to come to the office and select suitable profiles.
If your marriage is fixed through some other source, you are required to notify the office about it immediately, to avoid inconvenience to the organization and other applicants.
If you have any complaints regarding the services provided to you, you can submit your complaints in the following address
  Managing Director,
Mayoora Mangalya Sahayi,
MBS Building, Kochar Road, Chenthittai,
Thiruvananthapuram, Pincode-695 036,
Phone: 0471 2474688, 2474698.
Other than the registration fee and the service charges, you are not supposed to give any compliments to the section staff(s).
Incase of any dispute between the applicant and the organization, it is required to go to the court which is within the limits of the place where the organization is situated.
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